The Head

I have all of the skull, jaw and neck components printed. I have painted the ear pieces black and the neck white, but there are still a lot of pieces that need painting. There is a jumbo servo located inside the head for the neck rotation.

The jaw moves up and down and is driven by a standard servo. The most difficult part for the jaw was the spiral piston that transforms the rotation of the servo into linear vertical movement for the jaw. This did not fit into the corresponding spiral hole. I had to spend a lot of time filing both the piston and the hole.

I spent a lot of time sanding and painting the neck. I had to print this with support material and it took a lot of cleaning up afterwards. I'm still not happy with it but it will do for now.

Originally I had the head and neck mounted on a stand I found on thingiverse, but now the neck is mounted onto the torso.