The Shoulders

The two shoulders consist of two servos each to allow the arms to swing outward and to rotate. These are handed but the build for each is identical, other than that they use left or right handed versions of some parts.

The right shoulder

This has not been started yet.

The left shoulder

As of June 2019 this is currently under construction and should be completed in the next week or so.

Left Shoulder 3D Printed Parts

Part Name & Version Layer Height Infill Support Material Time Qty Total Material Total Time Total Cost
PistonClaviV3 0.20mm 30% No 24g 7.99m 2h 29m 1 24g 7.99m 2h 29m £0.31
PistonBaseV6 0.20mm 20% No 16g 5.21m 1h 30m 1 16g 5.21m 1h 30m £0.21
PivConnectorV1 0.30mm 30% No 16g 5.27m 0h 53m 2 32g 10.54m 1h 46m £0.42
PivGearV6 0.20mm 20% No 25g 8.41m 2h 22m 1 25g 8.41m 2h 22m £0.33
LeftPivMitV2 0.20mm 20% Yes 38g 12.77m 3h 18m 1 38g 12.77m 3h 18m £0.49
LeftPivTitV3 0.20mm 20% Yes 28g 8.51m 2h 12m 1 28g 8.51m 2h 12m £0.36
LeftPivCenterV3 0.20mm 20% No 54g 18.05m 4h 50m 1 54g 18.05m 4h 50m £0.70
LeftPivPotholderSquareV1 0.20mm 20% No 15g 5.10m 1h 33m 1 15g 5.10m 1h 33m £0.20
LogoLeftMyrobotlabV2 0.15mm 10% No 10g 3.34m 1h 12m 1 10g 3.34m 1h 12m £0.13
LogoRightMyrobotlabV2 0.15mm 10% No 10g 3.33m 1h 12m 1 10g 3.33m 1h 12m £0.13
PivPotentioSquareV4 0.20mm 20% No 3g 1.16m 0h 22m 2 6g 2.32m 0h 44m £0.08
PivWormV5 0.20mm 20% No 11g 3.53m 1h 10m 1 11g 3.53m 1h 10m £0.14
ServoHolderV1 0.30mm 30% No 26g 8.78m 1h 27m 1 26g 8.78m 1h 27m £0.34
ServoHolsterV1 0.20mm 20% Yes 20g 6.82m 2h 03m 1 20g 6.82m 2h 03m £0.26
Totals 315g 104.70m 27h 48m £4.10